How Faces of children should always look

Why are there so many tears in her eyes?
She cannot defend herself,
but we have an obligation to come to her defense.

  • STOP Child Abuse and Neglect of Orphanage Children & STOP illegal Maternity Homes.
  • STOP Child Trafficking of Teenage Girls & Existence of Baby Factory.
  • STOP violation of Teenage Girl’s innocence as well as their Human Rights.
  • Focus in Nation Building for Job/employment opportunities to mobilize the Nigerian Youth.
  • Pass the Transformation Bill of Orphanage Homes and Maternity Centers INTO Foster Care Homes, Foster Group Homes and Residential Treatment Centers.


Our vision is to establish Foster Care System in Nigeria and other African countries and launch a Global campaign for a Sustainable Foster Care Initiative, introduce foster parenting and Group Homes to provide adequate Housing and uplift the STANDARD OF LIVING of the DOWNTRODDEN and VULNERABLE in our society which will help to eradicate Child Homelessness and alleviate Poverty.


Foster care will provide vast employment in the following areas;
• Caregivers
• Nurses
• Special Education Teachers
• Psychologist
• Psychiatrist
• Speech Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Physical Therapist, Pharmacists
• Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and
• Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDC).
Students (Youths) can work as Caregivers and earn money while still in school, it will help in managing their time and ultimately decreasing
• crimes like cultism
• prostitution
• armed robbery
• kidnapping
• political thurggery
• Teenage girl’s abductions and child trafficking over time.


Our mission is to work with Law makers to enact an ACT, Legislative Bill on FOSTER CARE SYSTEM in Nigeria and Africa, to disseminate timely and useful information, to perform charitable services, and to conduct research to enhance productivity and quality of life for orphans, poor, needy, vulnerable, downtrodden, and displaced population in Nigeria and Africa.


The goal of ONeNess Foundations is to establish in Nigeria, the FOSTER CARE PROGRAM, which is now a global trend, and build Foster Group Homes where children can live and feel safe.
Also to train foster parents, case workers, caregivers and introduce alternative education to accommodate the millions of children not in school and facilitate continuity in education for those that dropped out of school due to circumstances beyond their control.


We value human lives and believe that Foster Care System will add desired and needed value to Family, Society, Wellness, Health, Education, Housing, and preserve human dignity.