Princess Tabitha Edithmary Price

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA, is an organization established and in alliance with ONeNess Bridge of Orphans and Less-Privileged / ONeNess Society of Single Parents and duly registered in the United States of America and Nigeria.

Change is difficult, and people’s reaction can be of fear and misunderstanding of stakeholders motivation for de-institutionalization. It is necessary to change hearts and minds. To move children from institutions to a family and community based alternatives, is always in the best interest of children and about improving the quality of care for all the children concerned.

The purpose of ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA is to Regulate, Monitor, and Transform the various Motherless Babies centers and Maternity centers in Nigeria into a warm and smaller family oriented environments. Most of these centers have, and is still been used for Child Abduction and Abuse.

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA SHALL fight to stop Child Abuse of Orphanage Children, STOP Human Trafficking of Teenage Girls who are put in the family way by alleged insensitive perpetrators as Baby production factory and uses them for their Selfish Monetary Gains. These innocent Children are used by their Abductors for Brutal Senseless Rituals, their body parts sold in place of organ donations and their Innocence as well as their Human Rights taken away from them so violently.

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA SHALL also focus in Nation Building in area of Job creation NATIONALLY and employment opportunities to mobilize the Nigerian Youth population and put them to work accordingly.

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA is a Child care service provider dedicated to serve children between the ages of 0 years through 18 years with emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs. These children have adopted patterns and behavior that are not conducive to healthy physical and emotional growth.

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA provides an environment in which children can learn, practice, and internalize changes needed for successful re-entry to their families or to a less restrictive environment. Services are provided to children regardless of their race, gender, ethnic, or religious backgrounds.