Welcome to ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA, Inc.

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA Inc.is a USA based nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization. Our vision is to transform orphanage and illegal maternity institutions into a home like environment, foster care homes, foster group homes and residential treatment center.We strive to improve the psychological, social, economic, education and health issues so that children will be given a chance of living a more dignified life and a better future. Please, join us.

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA, is an organization established and in alliance with ONeNess Bridge of Orphans and Less-Privileged / ONeNess Society of Single Parents and duly registered in the United States of America and Nigeria. ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA Supports and Guides worldwide Childcare Centers to provide resources, Educational forums to share Awareness and Experiential activities to Foster individuals, Global harmony and Wholeness of Defenseless Citizens on the globe.

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA is a child care service provider dedicated to serve children between the ages of 0 years through 18 years with emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs. These children have adopted patterns and behavior that are not conducive to healthy physical and emotional growth.

Our goal is for our residents to take responsibility for their own actions, leave with a sense of worth, improve their academic skills and gain an increase sense of trust to function adequately and independently in the society.

ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA, Inc. provides an environment in which children can learn, practice, and internalize changes needed for successful re-entry to their families or to a less restrictive environment. Services are provided to children regardless of their race, gender, ethnic, or religious backgrounds.